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Process Mining as a Service



Ploigot’s Process Mining as service (ProMaaS) provides you an end-to-end service. We ingest the process events trapped in various data silos, analyze the different variants in your process, identity various root-causes, recommend and implement various automation solutions, which make your process lean and efficient.

We bring transparency and uncover the reality of your execution process without the need for you to worry about hiring a data analyst team to perform and analyze your process flaws using process mining.

Goals of ProMaas


01-Process Efficiceny

Elimination of unwanted more work, Reduction of unwanted delay between process steps, Minimizing process bottlenecks, etc.

02-Identifying Savings 

Reduction of direct process costs, Using better conditions, Optimization of working-capital, etc.

03-Process Compliance

Identify root cause for process incompliance, Identify fraudulent actions in your process flow, etc.

Output of ProMaaS

01 Process Performance analyses (PPA)

We will understand how long a single process step take, why there are so many process deviations, identifying the potential to save, Root-cause for the process deviations. The Process Performance Analyses (PPA) can be one-time or periodic. With periodic analysis we analyses the business process regularly and figure out the defined KPI


02 Process Compliance Analyses (PCA)

With this we check the legal and regulatory compliance violations as well as illegal or criminal actions. To uncover any violations, processes are analyzed with regard to defined compliance KPIs (e.g. compliance with prescribed throughput times).


03 Process Automation Check (PAC)

In many cases, business processes, especially those with many repetitive activities, offer high automation potential. With our Automation Check, we examine processes with regard to these potentials and evaluate whether the examined process meets the requirements for Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Based on the results of our initial investigations regarding automation potential, our customers can make objective, data-based decisions on possible RPA initiatives.


04 Process Visualization Model (PVM)

Business processes are often insufficiently or not at all documented. With our process visualization, we create a complete process model from existing process data in no time at all, which can then be used, for example, as process documentation for quality management or audit preparations.


Key Facts of ProMaaS


01-Reduction of Process Costs

By uncovering hidden inefficiencies, deviations and bottlenecks, ProMaaS projects lead to an average reduction in process costs of 25%.

02-Improving Process Confirmty

ProMaaS projects create transparency in the actual process use and uncover nonconformities and compliance violations. On average, process compliance is increased by 80%.

03-Increasing Process Efficiency

Improved automation and e-business rates as well as the reduction of manual rework increases the process efficiency in ProMaaS projects by an average of 30%.

Advantages of ProMaaS

Advantages of ProMaaS
01 Low Initial Costs

There are no investments in software licenses and IT implementations for our customers. We calculate ProMaaS projects individually according to effort.


02 Lower Expense

We take over the analysis activities for you and we work largely independently in our projects. There is no need for any familiarization or training on your part with the software.


03 Immediately Ready To Go

Improved automation and e-business rates as well as the reduction of manual rework increases the process efficiency in ProMaaS projects by an average of 30%.


04 High Flexibility

With our ProMaaS solutions and our process mining experience, we offer you inspiration for the analysis of your business processes, but in a ProMaaS project we focus on your wishes, specifications and ideas.

Sucess Stories

Join our customers across various industries benefiting from Ploigot.

customer success ProMaaS Energy service provider



Optimizing Suppliers Cooperation


Improve productivity and supplier reliability issues

customer success ProMaaS Indian Wholesaler



Introducing Same Day Delivery 

Ontario, Canada


Reducing throughput times in procurement and warehousing

customer success ProMaaS Global Chemical Producer



Reducing Manual Effort

San Francisco, California


20% reduction in manual effort of invoice processing

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