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"We like to grind complex data from your financial processes to useful analytics and actionable business information".

Ploigot™ is a process mining and data science company which identifies opportunities for automation and delivers end-to-end optimization initiatives for all financial processes.


We believe processes are the lifeline of any organization and it is important to keep this lifeline clean and efficient, so that you have no blockage in your process flow. Any deviations in your process would make your operations inefficient, directly resulting in lost opportunities and revenue. You don't need to be a data or process expert to be able to do this, just get in touch with us today.

The future is about taking data driven decisions to solve real time process issues in your business execution. We continuously update our platform with next generation technologies like Web3, block chain, hyper automation and machine learning to achieve what we call narrow artificial intelligence for your process issues in real time. This helps us to be in a position where we can employ autonomous software agents to solve process issues without manual intervention. 

>Increase Productivity           >Improve Optimization             >Reduce Costs            >Bring Transparency

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