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We capture data from your procurement/ ERP/ invoicing system and record all process events from Purchase Requisition creation to Clearing of Invoices. From this data, we re-create a model of the entire Purchase to Pay process, improving order cycle time, optimize on-time payment, reduce cost per invoice, avoid maverick buying and capture unused discounts with Ploigot’s Purchase to Pay (P2P) Process Mining Platform.

By adding case attributes such as vendor, purchasing organization, payment terms, cash discount dates, transport conditions to the model you can see where mistakes occur, time periods when they happen, which employees are involved, or which vendors follow which process variations most frequently.

Pinpoint where changes need to be made and focus your improvement efforts to bring the best results, whether it’s expediting approvals in your purchase request process or calculating how much money you save by reducing unnecessary rework in your P2P process.

How it Helps


01-Improve Order Cycle Time 

Ploigot examines  your P2P process and analyses the invoices that deviates from ideal purchase-to-pay process. It tries to identify the root cause, which causes the delay or deviations in your process. Based on the findings you could decide to use our automation solutions to avoid such time and money consuming deviations in the future.

02-Optimize On-time Payment

Analyse your purchase-to-pay process (P2P) with a focus on on-time payment. See the average payment terms and discover causes for late payments. Optimize invoice approval speed, remove unnecessary process steps and complexity in approval rules.

03-Reduce Manual Intervention

20% of the deviations from the standard process often causes up to 80% of the effort in manual corrections. Ploigot helps you to identify these deviations and trends such as time stamps, which employees were 

involved, or which vendors followed what process variations most frequently.

04-Reduce Cost
Per invoice

Process Mining for Financial analysis of your P2P process. Measure the expense of each invoice that is processed, from the moment it leaves the supplier to the time the payment is made. Include sum of all salary, and IT costs attribute in your analysis, to uncover process paths with unnecessary costs and their causes.

05-Avoid Maverick Buying

Identify and evaluate negative effects of maverick buying. Uncover spending not controlled by the procurement department, and minimize instances of multiple applications in the processing of invoices (e.g., no 3-way match possible). Ensure compliance to preferred suppliers.

06-Capture Unused Discounts

Analyze how much of your spend has discounts enabled, and how much of this are you able to take advantage of. After which you will be able to work out how much your purchase-to-pay operations are saving or losing as a result. Poligot’s Process Mining offers the opportunity to identify the root causes of unused discount potentials in order to gain liquidity margins.

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