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Telco Giant Saves $3M on Purchase To Pay With Process Mining

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

A telco giant was suffering from its cumbersome P2P process. Typical procurement included from office supplies to complex procurement negotiations like data access and the P2P cycle touches multiple departments and systems. The nature of such a complex and department- jumping process makes P2P process a good fit for process mining. Applying purchase to pay process mining showed the potential to save $3M in annual savings.

purchase to pay process mining for telecom

Root Causes & Solutions

  • Increase Productivity

It was found that orders with price change need longer time to complete the P2P process.

On price the PO is rejected and a new PO was started after approval from a specific department. Re-approval process was reworked to increase the productivity of the overall P2P process.

  • Reduce Maverick Buying

It has been found that there was instance were buying was done without a PO

People are buying from non-compliant channels, missing out on the preferential prices negotiated by the procurement team. This costs a lot for the company.

  • Increase Supplier Reliability:

It was found due to wrong internal planning parameters, vendor availability, late scan of goods receipt, unrealistic delivery expectation and often there was delay in on-time delivery.

Return on Investment

  • Process Improvement | $1.5M

Optimization of Re-approval process

  • Process Efficiency | $200k

Elimination of irrelevant PO

and change avoidance

  • Process Automation | $400k

Automating Low Value PO closure

  • Working Capital | $500k

Elimination of Maverick Buying, late and early payment

Contact us today if you want to increase productivity and improve optimization with process mining along with identifying opportunities for automation.


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