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Global Chip Manufacturer Uses Process Mining for Account Receivables Process

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

A global semiconductor manufacturer had problems with his account receivables process involving multiple customers from different locations. Process mining was employed to identify the root causes. Improvements in working capital, revenue optimization and productivity maximization were the key improvements found which incurred huge savings.

process mining for accounts receivable

Root Causes & Solutions

  • Increase Working Capital

Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) was high. 30% of the payments were delayed. Automating the task of tracking late payments and ensuring the payments happen on time will free up the working capital needed.

  • Labor Productivity

Manual activities, such as price changes and invoice cancellations cause the low perfect invoice rate.

  • Increase Working Capital

Invoices were underpaid. This was the main root cause. Automatic tracking and information about underpaid

Return on Investment

  • Process Improvement | $500k

Optimization of invoice ingestion process

  • Process Efficiency | $200k

Achieve low DSO and change avoidance

  • Process Automation | $400k

Detecting inaccurate invoices

  • Working Capital | $500k

Elimination of late payments

Contact us today if you want to increase productivity and improve optimization with process mining along with identifying opportunities for automation.


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