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We capture data from your order management/ ERP/ invoicing system and records all process events from Receive-Order creation to Clearing Invoices. From this data, we re-create a model of the entire order-management process, which improves On-Time delivery, reduces frequent order changes, speeds up payment collections and eliminates rework. This in-turn helps to achieve process standardization and compliance with Ploigot’s Order to Cash (OTC) Process Mining Platform.

By adding case attributes such as products, source of the order, payment terms, cash discount dates, transport conditions to the model you can see where mistakes occur, time periods when they happen, which employees are involved, or which vendors follow what process variations most frequently.

Pinpoint where changes need to be made and focus your improvement efforts to bring the best results, like faster payment collections or reduction of order change, etc.,

How it Helps



Ploigot examines  your OTC process and analyses the transactions that causes the delay or deviations in your process which leads to longer delivery time. Based on this you could decide as to what is the best action to be taken.

02-Order Change Reduction

Analyze your OTC with focus on transactions that involved order changes. Discover the root causes for most of the order changes. Remove unnecessary process steps and complexity, which may lead to order changes.

03-Faster Payment Collection

Ploigot Identifies key metrics, which leads to faster payment collection like reducing DSO (Day Sales Outstanding), reducing process lead time and cash flow optimization. Additionally, it also recommends improvements on these key metrics.

04-Process Standardization

Cut down on inefficient process steps, which slow your overall process down.


Monitor your OTC process and lower the risk of operational issues by using our conformance checking tools.


Identify root cause for most rework happening in your OTC process, discover where manual repetitive tasks are done. Take suitable actions to mitigate them.

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