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How Digital Twin and Process Mining can help Industry 4.0 ?

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

Industry 4.0 aims to create the smart factory of tomorrow by integrating cyber physical systems, internet of things, edge computing and cognitive computing technologies in our current manufacturing technologies. At the same time ‘Digital Twin’ of a manufacturing process aims to show a digital model of the real-life process flow. It does this by collecting real-time data about different stages of the process. In other words, we could say a ‘Digital Twin’ is trying to create the Meta verse of the manufacturing process in your smart factory. Any change in the real process reflects also in its ‘Digital Twin’. A modern-day manufacturing process could be quite complex involving many complex processes from machines and humans. Any changes in environment, execution, inputs to such a process may lead to high costs and low efficiency.

Process Mining is a tool which provides various kinds of process analytics by mining the process data captured by your ‘Digital Twin’. It highlights the deviations from your expected process flow which lead to lost revenue, wastage, inefficiency in your operations.

This helps identify the root cause for the deviations; maybe this could be external, internal or synchronization issues between human and machine-based tasks, e.t.c.

Each root cause has to be separately evaluated to find all the factors affecting it. Based on this analysis counter measures can be defined. Full or semi- automating these counter measures and adding it to your existing process flow would avoid further deviations in your process and would deliver the returns you expect from your operations.

Integrating process mining tools on top of your ‘Digital Twin’ would give a real time feedback of how your process is working and also measure if the counter measures which you have implemented are helping reduce or completely avoiding any process deviations may occur in real-time. If new deviations are found after adding your countermeasures, then this cycle could be repeated and optimized again using process mining tools. Hence process mining helps you navigate, identify and mitigate complex issues in operations of your smart factory. Thereby keeping your process flow always healthy without any blocks.

Contact us today if you want to increase productivity and improve optimization with process mining along with identifying opportunities for automation.


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